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“Cloud computing” lets customers take advantage of services and resources delivered as an online utility – meaning users get the benefits of the technology without worrying about the technical details. The dramatic benefits of enterprise cloud computing services include: lower capital investment, faster implementation, reduced risk, proven security and improved scalability to handle the increased amounts of data. And, since cloud-based services can share data and processes, they can more easily deliver integrated capabilities and faster innovation. Simply stated, “the cloud” promises fast, easy access to the next generation of complementary business services.

Use of the Cloud

Given these benefits, it’s no surprise that marketing services have shifted to the cloud at an accelerated pace. Marketing is the #1 discretionary expense for today’s corporations, yet marketers suffer from a constant lack of budget for capital investment and IT support. This means marketers need fast, easy access to tools that will help them drive demand for their products and quickly evaluate the effectiveness of their programs – which is exactly what cloud computing can deliver.

At the same time, cloud computing is transforming the way marketing gets done today. Buyers are spending more of their time online, searching for information, interacting with like-minded colleagues and friends over cloud-based social networks, and having their own content hosted in the cloud. Offline marketing techniques continue to plummet in their effectiveness, even as new cloud-optimized marketing strategies such as social media, paid search and search engine optimization deliver both short and long-term results.

These trends make cloud-based marketing services a no-brainer. The tools that marketers share with sales and support are doing their job very well, but marketers need more. What they need is in the cloud.

Marketing Cloud Formation

Marketing Cloudis a collection of cloud-based marketing services that make internal marketing functions more efficient and external marketing programs more effective. Marketing Cloud is where successful organizations are running their marketing programs, delivering fast and easy access to powerful enterprise cloud computing capabilities – without the cost, risk and complexity of traditional marketing platforms.

The promise of Marketing Cloud was inhibited because marketing is such a broad, multi-faceted function that no single company can provide a complete set of required services. That’s why leading innovators that span a broad range of marketing categories are joining forces to define and galvanize the Marketing Cloud. Only by coming together as a group committed to providing open, interoperable and secure services can Marketing Cloud be realized.

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Get Ahead in Marketing Cloud

Like all dynamic cloud formations, Marketing Cloud will continue to evolve over time. Marketing professionals at all levels of experience are encouraged to contribute to its definition and ongoing discussions. Join us at to find thought-provoking articles, share best practices and participate in a vibrant community forum. Sign up for webinars, meet-ups and virtual events.

Marketing Cloud offers modern businesses a new way of thinking about and consuming marketing technology and services. Whether your business requirements include lists and data hygiene, lead generation, marketing automation, online events, business intelligence or any other marketing capability, Marketing Cloud services promise fast implementation and easy integration, with the range and scalability to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

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